Optional - Save Dashboard as Analysis

In order to customize this dashboard with filters

  1. Access your CUDOS Dashboard from QuickSight

  2. Click Share from the top right corner Image of QuickSight topright menu, with the Share option highlighted.

  3. Click Share dashboard Image of Share button options.

  4. Click Manage dashboard access Image of Share dashboard pop up with the Manage dashboard access button highlighted.

  5. Check the Save as box for your user account

  6. Click Confirm Image of “Enable save as” screen which shows which datasets you’re enabling for read only access with the Confirm button highlighted.

  7. Close the Manage dashboard permissions window

  8. Refresh the browser page, or exit the Dashboard by clicking the QuickSight icon in the top left corner, and then re-open the CUDOS Dashbaord

  9. You should now see a Save as option next to the Share button in the top right corner Image of QuickSight top right menu, with the Save As option highlighted.

  10. Click Save as

  11. Name your Analysis

  12. Once completed, you can then customize the Analysis with filters, visuals etc.