Create Athena Views

The CUDOS template uses a number of Athena views in order to ensure that we always have access to the data that we are expecting. Please select the appropriate description from the 4 options below, and run the queries defined in that section. After completing this step, if everything is done correctly you should have 6 Views in Athena as follows:

6 Athena Views created: account_map, compute_savings_plan_eligible_spend, ec2_running_cost, ri_sp_mapping, s3_view, summary_view

There will be values that need to be replaced in these queries. We advise compiling the queries in a text application, and making the required customisations before running the queries in Athena.

Click here - if you have both Savings Plans and Reserved Instances
Click here - if you have Savings Plans, but do not have Reserved Instances
Click here - if you have Reserved Instances, but do not have Savings Plans
Click here - if you do not have Reserved Instances, and do not have Savings Plans

This completes the Athena View creation section. Next up is the QuickSight Dataset creation process.