Import Dashboard Template

  1. Run list-users and make a note of your User ARN
aws quicksight list-users --aws-account-id <Account_ID> --namespace default --region <Region>
  1. Run list-data-sets and make a note of your Datasets ARN .
aws quicksight list-data-sets --aws-account-id <Account_ID> --region <Region>
  1. Create an import.json file using the below sample
    "AwsAccountId": "<Account_ID>",
    "DashboardId": "trends-dashboard",
    "Name": "Trends-Dashboard",
    "Permissions": [
                "Principal": "<User ARN>",
        "Actions": [
"DashboardPublishOptions": {
"AdHocFilteringOption": {
"AvailabilityStatus": "DISABLED"
    "SourceEntity": {
        "SourceTemplate": {
            "DataSetReferences": [
                    "DataSetPlaceholder": "monthly-bill-by-account",
                    "DataSetArn": "arn:aws:quicksight:<Region>:<Account_ID>:dataset/<DatasetID>"

                    "DataSetPlaceholder": "monthly-anomaly-detection",
                    "DataSetArn": "arn:aws:quicksight:<Region>:<Account_ID>:dataset/<DatasetID>"

                     "DataSetPlaceholder": "daily-anomaly-detection",
                     "DataSetArn": "arn:aws:quicksight:<Region>:<Account_ID>:dataset/<DatasetID>"

                     "Arn": "arn:aws:quicksight:us-east-1:223485597511:template/cudos-trends-dashboard-template"
     "VersionDescription": "5"
  1. Update the import.json to match your details by replacing the following placeholders:

    Placeholder Replace with
    <Account_ID> AWS Account ID where the dashboard will be deployed
    <Region> Region Code where the dashboard will be deployed (Example eu-west-1)
    <User ARN> ARN of your user
    <DataSetId> Replace with Dataset ID’s from the data sets you created in the Preparing Quicksight section NOTE: There are 3 unique Dataset IDs
  2. Create Dashboard by running the import

aws quicksight create-dashboard --cli-input-json file://import.json --region <Region> --dashboard-id trends-dashboard
  1. Check the status of your deployment
aws quicksight describe-dashboard --dashboard-id trends-dashboard --region <Region> --aws-account-id <Account_ID>

If you encounter no errors, open Quicksight from the AWS Console, and navigate to Dashboards. You should now see Trends Dashboard available. This dashboard can be shared with other users, but is otherwise ready for viewing and customizing.

If something goes wrong in the dashboard creation step, delete the failed deployment before re-deploying

aws quicksight delete-dashboard --dashboard-id trends-dashboard --region <Region> --aws-account-id <Account_ID>

If you encounter “Field type mismatch” get in touch with your Solution Architect or Technical Account Manager. The dataset field types may be misaligned.