Create Athena Views

The Trends template uses a number of Athena views in order to ensure that dashboard always have access to the data that it is expecting. Please run the queries defined in the section. After completion of this step, you will have 7 Views in Athena as follows:

There are values in below queries that need to be replaced with your values. We advise compiling the queries in a text application, and making the required customizations before running the queries in Athena. Also, follow the below sequence of creating views as some views uses other views as source.

  • aws_regions

    Click here - for aws_regions view

  • aws_accounts

    Click here - for aws_accounts view

  • aws_service_category_map

    Click here - for aws_service_category_map view

  • payer_account_map

    Click here - for payer_account_map view

  • daily_anomaly_detection

    Click here - for daily_anomaly_detection view

  • monthly_anomaly_detection

    Click here - for monthly_anomaly_detection view

  • monthly_bill_by_account

    Click here - if there are both Savings Plan and Reserved Instances
    Click here - if there are Savings Plan only
    Click here - if there are Reserved Instances only
    Click here - if there are no Reserved Instances or Savings Plan

This completes the Athena View creation section. Next up is the QuickSight Dataset creation process.