Install or Update AWS CLI

AWS CloudShell is a browser-based, pre-authenticated shell that you can launch directly from the AWS Management Console. You can run AWS CLI commands against AWS services using your preferred shell (Bash, PowerShell, or Z shell). And you can do this without needing to download or install command line tools. If you are working out of one of these Regions: US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), or Europe (Ireland), using AWS CloudShell is the simplest option.

To launch AWS CloudShell:

  • From the AWS Management Console, you can launch AWS CloudShell by choosing the following options available on the navigation bar:

    • Choose the AWS CloudShell icon.

    • Start typing “cloudshell” in the Search box and then choose the CloudShell option.

    When AWS CloudShell launches in a new browser window for the first time, a welcome panel displays and lists key features. After you close this panel, status updates are provided while the shell configures and forwards your console credentials. When the command prompt displays, the shell is ready for interaction.

  • To choose an AWS Region to work in, go to the Select a Region menu and select a supported AWS Region to work in. (Available Regions are highlighted.)

Click here - if you are using Docker
Click here - if you are using Linux x86 (64-bit)
Click here - if you are using Linux ARM
Click here - if you are using MacOS
Click here - if you are using Windows

Full details on installing, updating and uninstalling AWS CLI from supported operating systems is available here.