• Learn about QuickSight
  • Learn about Athena
  • Create the CUDOS Framework Dashboards

Target Audience

This workshop can be deployed by any AWS user that has permission to access the AWS Billing Console, Amazon S3, AWS CloudFormation, Amazon Athena, and Amazon QuickSight.


  • You will incur the standard costs for each of the AWS services which are utilized as part of the workshop.
  • For small accounts we estimate the cost to be $35 per month, when using an Amazon QuickSight trial.
  • To avoid incurring costs beyond this, please remove all resources you create during the workshop.

Time to Complete

  • Pre-requisites: Should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete, with a 24 hour waiting period needed

  • Workshop: Should take approximately 60-90 minutes to complete

This includes: 60 - 90 minutes of active configuration, and a 24 hour waiting period between Preparing your Cost & Usage Report and Preparing the Cost & Usage Report & Athena integration

Contributers to this workshop include:

  • Meredith Holborn, Technical Account Manager, UKIR

  • Barry Miller, Technical Account Manager, UKIR

  • Nisha Notani, Technical Account Manager, UKIR

  • William Hughes, Technical Account Manager, EMEA

  • Lakhvinder Singh Gill, Enterprise Support Lead, India

  • Timur Tulyaganov, Enterprise Support Lead, EMEA

  • Yuriy Prykhodko, Senior Technical Account Manager, EMEA

  • Manik Chopra, Senior Technical Account Manager, USA


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